Over the last 25 years, trenchless technology became one of the fastest growing construction areas in the world. Methods providing ways to build up or renovate utility networks without destruction of roads, buildings or recreation areas are applied in 90% cases in USA. Due to remarkable reliability, simplicity, fastness and cost effectiveness, the trenchless technology is more and more used in the EU countries.

Pneumosolution is a company providing and distributing specialised equipment for trenchless installation of pipelines or communication lines. In-house sales, consulting, warranty and post-warranty services provided for our customers ensure their maximal benefit and accelerate project development.

The specialised equipment allows installation or replacement of subsurface utility systems in the places, where it is difficult or impossible to do this by other means. Undisrupted road and railroad traffic at the site, easy application and safety – that's why the subsurface work done with Pneumosolution is the best choice.

Essential advantage: professionals in the field and quality of the equipment

Pneumosolution team consists of highly qualified construction and trenchless technology experts. Their long-term experience and know-how is the basis allowing to offer for our customers the optimal construction and landscaping solutions.

Experienced personnel and professional equipment is an irreplaceable duo on any construction site. Reliable, easy to use equipment allows fast and effective completion of even the most complicated tasks of utility network installation or renovation.

Pneumosolution is a worldwide market innovation optimally combined with the objectives and competitiveness of your business.

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