Pipe cracking machine G266


The pneumatic machine is designed for ramming the steel pipes up to 1020mm in diameter into the ground in the horizontal, inclined or vertical direction in trenchless running of underground service lines. The machine G266 is a pneumatic impacting device that makes it possible to mechanize laying of steel pipes into soil, which can be used as pipelines, sheaths for laying service lines including cables, pipelines, and also piles, ect. Especially effective is the use of the machine in building communication passages under highways and railways, on the territories of functioning factories, in the zones of green plantations, ect. The machine G266 differs from the known devices of similar purpose (device for pressing through soil, drilling units, ect.) by tis small overall dimensions, mobility, high performance, sharp reduction in expenditures for auxiliary operations, simplicity of maintenance and reliability in operation. The pipe is rammed into soil under the action of impacts of the machine connected with the pipe with the aid of the adapter. The machine operates from a stationary or mobile compressed air source with flow rate not less 10m3/min and working pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa. The pipes up to 426mm in diameter can be rammed in with its end closed and more diameters with an open end (with the pipe filled with ground). In the latter cases, upon ramming-in the pipe completely or partially the ground is removed out of it with the aid of a special soil removal device (not included In the delivery set).

Pneumosolution G266 is a pneumatic torpedo designed for easy, secure, precise, and fast trenchless pipe replacement. This tool cracks old pipes and instantly installs new plastic ones. It is especially useful, when ground surface shall not be damaged.

The tool effectively cracks pipes made of various materials (cast iron, ceramics, etc.) and spreads the remains into the soil around the newly installed casing.

  • Tunnelling distance: 100 m;
  • Replaced pipe diameter: 500 mm*;
  • Impact energy: 2000 J;
  • Length: 2265 mm;
  • Weight (without hose): 660 kg.

Pneumosolution G266 is durable, effective, secure and easy to control. It is a perfect choice for those who value precision, swift and cost effective operations and easy maintenance.

* For installation of larger pipes special heads can be added to Pneumosolution G266.


Diameter of pipes to be driven-in



Single impact energy



Frequency of strikes

Hz / Str. min

3,5 / 210± 10%

Operational pressure of compressed air


0.6 ± 0.06

Consumption of compressed air






Diameter of enclosure



Diameter of retainer ring







Modifications explaination

No modifications.

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